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Enza Zaden - News - House Fair | 17-20 June 2014

Enza Zaden’s House Fair will give you a glimpse of our breeding programme. We are offering you the opportunity to admire our leading varieties at a single glance. Familiar and new tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber and eggplant varieties will be on show and can be discussed with our representatives.


Enza Zaden - News - Breeding companies organise VegetableTrials

Simultaneously with GreenTech, five international market leaders in vegetable seeds, including Enza Zaden, participate individually in the first VegetableTrials in the Netherlands. On 11 and 12 June 2014, the vegetable trials are open for national and international growers who want to select the best varieties of vegetables for their future business.


Enza Zaden - News - Press release: Bremia lactucae races BI:1-15

Bremia lactucae races BI: 1-15 are no longer relevant and resistance to these races will not be claimed any more from September 1st 2014.


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden’s demonstration greenhouse open from week 17 onwards

Preparations in Enza Zaden’s demonstration greenhouse started a few months ago and are now well underway. The first tomatoes have already been harvested and the crop is looking good.


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden has received Special Prize

On February 28th, at the 3rd edition of the Italian national Tomato Excellent award 2014, Enza Zaden in Italy has received a Special Prize. The prize honoured Enza Zaden Italia as the best company in the Sicilian territory for its activity, projects, marketing & research investments carried out at the station in S. Croce.


Enza Zaden - News - Great diversity in visitors Fruit Logistica

Enza Zaden looks back on the Fruit Logistica fair with great satisfaction. We enjoyed good talks with various parties, among which were several international chain parties. And there was a lot of attention for the three segments ‘Global varieties’, ‘Hydroponics/Fresh cut’ and ‘Concepts’, on which we based the presentation of our innovative products and concepts.


Enza Zaden - News - Launch new pepper variety Dashen

Enza Zaden launches their new pepper variety Dashen during the 2014 South East Regional Conference located in Savannah Georgia.


Enza Zaden - News - Co-creation at Fruit Logistica 2014

Nowadays you need to sell more than just vegetables. That’s why working together within the chain becomes more and more important. At Enza Zaden we like to get into dialogue with you to see what we can achieve together. Visit our stand at the Fruit Logistica Berlin from 5 till 7 February 2014 in hall 1.2, booth C-07.


Enza Zaden - News - House Fair Spain 2013

The annual House Fair Spain, took place in Enza Zaden España at the facilities in El Ejido during the week 47 and had its main day on the 21st of November.


Enza Zaden - News - Deputy Minister Dijksma visits leading vegetable seed company during trade mission to Indonesia

JAKARTA – About 2.2 million Indonesian farming families have seen a rise in income of more than 3500 percent in the past few years. They work with vegetable seeds from East-West Seed Indonesia (Ewindo), that uses Dutch technology to develop local vegetable varieties. The varieties are resistant to local pests and diseases. The vegetable seed company, by now leading in Indonesia, was founded by Dutch pioneers in 1990. Today, Deputy Minister Dijksma from Economic Affairs visited the Ewindo head office on the island of Java.