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Enza Zaden has a long commercial history in Bulgaria. Over thirty years ago, Mr. Mazereeuw senior took a pioneering step and introduced the first hybrid tomato varieties on the Bulgarian market. Since then, Enza Zaden has been conducting R&D in response to developments in the Bulgarian market in close cooperation with the local agricultural institutes.

We owe our strong market position in Bulgaria to our long time excellent reputation in that country, the quality of our seeds and our professional sales team. In 2000 we registered our daughter company Enza Zaden Bulgaria OOD.

Following this step we have moved our office to new facilities, from which we provide our Bulgarian customers with all the service they require. A further step will be our new location in Zalapiza – 18 km from Plovdiv – the second biggest city in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian greenhouse market is geared-up to supply the lucrative main European markets with fresh vegetables. Enza Zaden's cucumber and tomato varieties meet the quality standards expected in those sophisticated markets. The Bulgarian professional growers are able to order a wide range of lettuce varieties, endive and the whole range of organic crops from Vitals Biologische Zaden bv as well as the whole range of kitchen herbs. Strong product development gives the opportunity to supply radish, spinach, pepper, cauliflower, squash, onion, eggplant etc. hybrid varieties.


Chernota 135A
4218 Tsalapitsa  Tsalapitsa BULGARIA

+359 (0) 32 942 099

+359 (0) 32 942 138