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Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie February: Creamy eggplant

Quite an unexpected combination of ingredients. But the result is amazing: a tasty, creamy drink with a hint of spice. Why not try this smoothie at lunchtime? Aubergine is rich in fibre and will make you feel fit and energised for the rest of the day. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie.  ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Second generation herb varieties offer reliability to whole chain

Enza Zaden recently introduced new basil, parsley and arugula varieties with resistance to Downy Mildew. These ‘second generation’ varieties offer reliability and consistency for growers, retailers and consumers. “Due to the disease resistance the varieties are more stable to produce. The risk of crop-failure and/or lack of quality is less. This means a steady constant supply of the end product th ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden presents (new) concepts at the Fruit Logistica

Also this year Enza Zaden is present at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Christof Flörchinger, General Manager Enza Zaden Germany and stand manager at the Fruit Logistica: “The Fruit Logistica is a very important exhibition for Enza Zaden. It is a great place to meet relations and get in contact with new people. At our booth we present our innovative concepts, developed for the market’s wants and ne ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Melon catalogue: international and local types

Enza Zaden recently published the international catalogue for melon. This catalogue gives an overview of our international melon portfolio. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - The Partnership no.9 is out now

Special attention to the crop Pumpkin in this edition. The demand for this vegetable is growing. In the article Pumpkin Mania you can read about the reason and developments in this trend. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden buys broccoli breeding programme

Enza Zaden has purchased the range of broccoli varieties and the broccoli breeding programme of the American company R&D AG, Inc. This international vegetable breeding company’s portfolio comprises 23 crops, including Brassica. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie January: Refreshing Melon

This is a treat that really helps when you take a break. This refreshing smoothie has a cleansing and revitalising effect. Melon is good for your blood pressure and helps relieve stress. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie.  ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Recipe December 2015: Bigos

This month’s recipe: Bigos. Tomatoes are eaten all around the world. This vegetable is a tasty and healthy addition to a dish. First of all, tomatoes contain carotene and lycopene, which are good for your eyesight and helps to prevent certain diseases. But they are also low in calories and rich on fibers. So, eat tomatoes once in a while. Find out this delicious recipe. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Luuk van der Pal best CFO in family businesses

Today, Finance Director Luuk van der Pal has won the first Family Business Award for Finance Directors in family businesses during the annual congress of Finance Transformation. The jury praised Van der Pal’s involvement in the business and during business take-overs. 'He is a financial expert and independent CFO who has good judgement, combined with excellent knowledge about the business of Enza ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden top of the Hillenraad 100 list

Enza Zaden has reached the first position in the Hillenraad 100 list! A list of the 100 most leading companies in the Dutch horticultural industry is annually composed by a committee of experts – entrepreneurs, managers and individuals in the business. “The fact that a committee of experts selects Enza Zaden from over ten thousand enterprises makes this recognition even more valuable,” says Managi ... Read more