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Enza Zaden - News - House Fair | 14 - 17 June 2016

This is a unique opportunity for you to admire all of our top varieties under one roof. With this invitation we ask you to visit our annual House Fair in week 24. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Sweet Pepper: Plutonio and Celaya

The sweet pepper varieties Plutonio and Celaya of Enza Zaden are already well known in Spain. These varieties perform well under the Spanish climate conditions. But also in other areas of the world these varieties bring great advantages to growers. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie May: Orange Radish

This zingy snack will make you feel fit, happy and healthy – literally and figuratively. Radishes purify the blood and supply lots of vitamin C. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Demonstration greenhouse open to visitors again

Enza Zaden’s tomato demonstration greenhouse in ’s-Gravenzande is open to visitors again. We hope to meet you there to show you our wide range of tomato varieties and inform you about the latest developments. Like last year, our demonstration greenhouse comprises two separate sections, at two different locations. At our Triomaas location you will find all our smaller types of tomatoes and our vari ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden family business of the year

Thursday afternoon 7 April, Enza Zaden was voted family business of the year. 'Enza Zaden is one of the major world players in the sector,' states the jury report. 'The family not only runs the business, but is also closely involved in the product development.' ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie April: Apple and Mint shake

A delicious thirst quencher at any time of the day. Try a shake made from chilled mint tea. For thousands of years, mint leaves have been known to have a medicinal effect and are particularly beneficial for the stomach and intestines. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie.   ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - New Herbs brochure available

The new Enza Zaden Herbs brochure 2016-2017 is available now. In this brochure you’ll find all our new and well-known herbs varieties with an accurate description. Special attention in this brochure for our new generation of basil, parsley and rucola varieties with excellent added values. These special varieties all have the quality mark ‘Resistance Makes The Difference’. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden finalist voor de Familiebedrijven Award

Enza Zaden is een van de 4 finalisten van de Familiebedrijven Award. Op 21 maart hebben de juryleden een bezoek gebracht aan Enza Zaden om een indruk te krijgen van het bedrijf en van de ontwikkelingen van afgelopen jaar. De jury maakt op 7 april bekend welk bedrijf met deze prestigieuze prijs ervandoor gaat. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden varieties resistant to spinach race Pfs:16

Recently the new race Pfs:16 in spinach was denominated. Plantum published this news this week. At Enza Zaden we breed our varieties for the future, already taking future strains into account. And this approach once again pays off. Enza Zaden offers a very wide assortment of quality varieties with broad resistance patterns. Many of our spinach varieties are resistant to the new race Pfs:16.Contact ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie March: Spicy Hot Pepper

A smoothie is the ideal way to add lots of fruit and vegetables to your daily diet ñ quick, easy and flavoursome. Need some extra energy? This vitamin drink bomb with fresh red chilli pepper will give your day a real power boost. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie.  ... Read more