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Enza Zaden - News - New Leafy vegetables brochure out now

The Enza Zaden Leafy vegetables brochure 2016-2017 is available now. In this brochure you'll find an overview of all our well-known leafy vegetables varieties with an accurate description. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie October: Sweet Basil smoothie

This early morning shake is tasty, convenient and brimming with valuable ingredients that are good for you. Basil not only brings a pleasing aroma and flavour - it is also relatively high in minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Drink smoothies ñ and particularly this one ñ as quickly as possible after preparation. They look their best and all the nutritious ingredients are at their p ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden and Vitalis at AFL

Once again the Asia Fruit Logistica is a successful tradefair for Enza Zaden. Enza Zaden has been present at this great event in Hong Kong from the start and observes growing interest. The exhibition attracts many visitors from all over the world. “We meet a lot of potential partners, from grower/traders to retail chains, at our booth,” says booth manager Young Han, area manager North-East Asia in ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Enza Zaden Mexico awarded Best sponsor of the year

Enza Zaden Mexico has been awarded ‘Best sponsor of the year’ during the annual AMHPAC congress of 25 and 26 August. “We have been a proud sponsor and participant of the AMHPAC, the Mexican Protected Horticulture Association, for 4 years now,” says Marketing Specialist Juan Labastida who received the award on behalf of Enza Zaden Mexico. “We have received this award in name of all colleagues who w ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Smoothie September: Creamy Squash shake

Squash with its neutral flavour is an ideal vegetable ingredient in a smoothie. The fibres and countless vitamins all give your body positive power. The protein in the soya milk make this the ideal drink to reboot your system after sports activities.Find out how to make this delicious smoothie. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Organic at the Asia Fruit Logistica

Successful organic cropping starts with top quality organically produced seeds. At the Asia Fruit Logistica Enza Zaden therefore focuses on Organic. “Vitalis Organic Seeds, a subsidiary of Enza Zaden, is the global leader in organic seed production and breeding,” says Produce Chain Manager Chris Groot. “Organic seed sales through the Vitalis brand is the fastest growing product segment within Enza ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Beetroot Onion smoothie

This smoothie is a liquid salad with a hidden boost. The earthy, spicy flavour is ideal at lunchtime, but also makes a great snack. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie.  ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Asia Fruit Logistica

Visit our booth at the Asia Fruit Logistica and discover how you can make a difference in your market with the Enza Zaden product range. Both conventional and organic. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Strawberry Tomato

A fantastically fragrant smoothie that makes a fabulous dessert. (And a perfect guest at a picnic!) Soya milk is rich in protein and good for your cholesterol. The tomatoes, strawberries and basil add valuable vitamins and minerals, and will make you feel uplifted and cheerful. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie. ... Read more


Enza Zaden - News - Grape Cucumber smoothie

At breakfast or as a snack? Itís up to you, as swirling a spoonful of oatmeal into this light breakfast shake will add even more energy. Cucumber is an excellent way to detoxify your body and promotes a healthy skin and shiny hair. Find out how to make this delicious smoothie. ... Read more