San Juan Bautista, California, United States (Fulltime)

Assistant Breeder Lettuce

Jeroen Nannes
Senior Breeder Lettuce


Coordination of testing

You are passionate about plant breeding, and you are a team player who works meticulously and can plan effectively. As Assistant Breeder, you use these qualities and your work experience to contribute to the responsible development of healthy, innovative vegetable varieties.

What will you do as Assistant Breeder?

As Assistant Breeder you provide support to the plant breeding team. You coordinate the composition and implementation of molecular markers and disease tests. You collate results and process these digitally to ensure they are available for the Breeders. You also collate various data from plant breeding trials that are important for selection, providing the plant breeding team with the relevant information they need to select the best varieties. This means you work in various locations; the greenhouse, the field, and the office.


You will be working in a specialised team, responsible for one of the rapidly developing plant breeding programmes within leafy crops. This team comprises senior and assistant Breeders and Technicians. The team is managed by the Crop Breeding Manager.

Your strengths

As Assistant Breeder, you are a committed employee who works independently. Your ambition is to grow in this role, but also to work with the team to ensure the success of the plant breeding programme. You are confident and can put things in perspective. Your strong communication skills enable you to cooperate effectively with colleagues and maintain relationships with external contacts. You are practical and work in a precise and structured way. You understand that the team’s interests always come first.


In short, you:

  • have at least completed a ‘green’ higher professional education (HBO);
  • you are knowledgeable about plant cultivation and breeding, biotesting and molecular markers;
  • you can communicate fluently in English, both verbally and in writing;
  • you are experienced in digital recording, processing, and data analysis.

Our strengths

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties and produces and sells the seeds of these across the world. Both for standard as well as organic agriculture.
Our aim is to ensure that people have access to healthy vegetables. Wherever they are in the world. Worldwide, over 460 million people consume our vegetables every day. So, we’re well on the way.... but there’s still a lot to be done! Of course, we are also looking beyond the here and now. We also want to be sure that there are sufficient vegetables to feed everyone in 2050 when our world is home to some 10 billion inhabitants.

To achieve this, we work with the best that nature has to offer. And we support this with innovative technologies, which enable us to make the plant breeding process faster and more efficient. And that is necessary because the development of a new vegetable variety currently takes some 6 to 10 years.

We also focus on higher yields, resistance to disease and plagues and climate extremes, such as heat and drought. And, of course, on flavour, shelf life, and nutrients.

The results? Strong, healthy and delicious vegetable varieties that deliver more per m2 of agricultural land, require fewer crop protection products and can withstand the changes in our climate. You notice this in everything in our company: sustainability is in our DNA.

Our head office in Enkhuizen is our home base, but we have colleagues throughout the world. Enza Zaden is an independent family company in which some 2,000 employees from over 40 nationalities spread across 6 continents work together closely in international teams.


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