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Basil (Ocimum basilicum, Lamiaceae)

Variety overview

Annual, height 20-40 cm.
Tsw: 1,1-1,7 g Seed count per 10 g = 6000-9000 seeds.
Sowing: From mid May outdoor or under protected cultivation the whole year round.
Light germinator, tender.
Seed required: Direct sowing 50 g/100 m², in seedbed 3 g/1000 plants, pot growing
20 g/1000 pots.
Cultivation: Spacing for pots 20-25 x 25 cm; Outdoor growing in rows 20 cm apart and
30-40 cm between the rows.
Basil is quite tender and susceptible to smothering through weeds.
To ensure a good harvest therefore it is recommended to use plastic sheeting as a mulch. Also Acryl-webbing for cold protection is advisable.
Planting out young plants is an advantage and gives a better start to the crop.
Harvesting: For the fresh market cut the young shoots into bundles.
For industrial use the first cut should be done when flowering begins.
The cut should not be too low (ca. 10 cm) to encourage a second growth.
Basil is very sensitive to pressure and should be carefully dried at a temperatureof 40°C immediately after harvest.
Use: In salads, soups, vegetables, meat and tomato dishes and also raw.

Basil (Ocimum basilicum, Lamiaceae)

Variety Type Pot Processing Fresh cut
Genovese x x x
Genovese x
Genovese x x
Eleonora (E09B.11540)
Genovese x x
Elidia (E09B.11732)
Genovese x
Genovese x x
Genovese x x
Keira (E09B.1002)
Genovese x x
Lemon sel. Lemona
Lemon x x
Bush type x
Red x x

Variety also available as organic seed from Vitalis Organic Seeds.