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Rocket Wild: (Rucola selvatica, Diplotaxis, Brassicaceae) 
Annual, height 30 cm. 
Tsw: 0,5 g Seed count per 10 g = about 20000 seeds. 
Sowing: Over 0°C under glass all year, outdoors from end of March to beginning of September. 
Seeds required: 10 g/100 m², for pot growing 10 g/1000 pots. 
Cultivation: Space rows 15-20 cm apart. Compared to R. coltivata the germination and growth is slow. 
R. selvatica requires a well prepared seed bed - a fine ‘tilth’(crumbly structure) and well consolidated, always keep moist until germination is complete. Temperatures of around 20°C are most suitable. An even germination (also under glass) can be achieved with the use of Agryl-webbing. Begins to flower in summer very quickly, therefore to harvest continuously prevent any interuption of growth which could cause plants to grow generatively. 
Harvesting: Depending on the season and required size of plant. For young leaf production about 8 weeks after sowing. 
Use: As a real enrichment for the kitchen with definitely a better and more intensive flavour than Rucola coltivata. In all types of salads. 

Rocket Salad (Rucola coltivata, Eruca sativa, Brassicaceae)

Annual, height 30 cm. 

Tsw: 2 g Seed count per 10 g = about 5000 seeds.  
Sowing: Over 0°C under glass all year, outdoors from end of March to beginning of September.  
Seeds required: Direct 40 g/100 m², pot growing 40 g/1000 pots.  
Cultivation: Space rows 15-20 cm apart.  
Harvesting: Depending on the season 3-5 weeks after sowing, either young leaves in foodtainer or larger leaves as bundles.  
Use: Young leaves with nutty flavour, in all sorts of salads.

Rocket Wild (Rucola selvatica, Diplotaxis, Brassicaceae)

Variety Type Pot Processing Fresh cut
Bellezia (E13R.1002)
Rucola Selvatica x x
Rucola Selvatica x x x
Letizia (E13R.3004)
Rucola Selvatica x x
Rucola Selvatica
Rucola Selvatica x x x
Tanazia (E13R.3003)
Rucola Selvatica x x
Rucola Selvatica x x x
Rucola Coltivata
Rucola Coltivata x x x

Variety also available as organic seed from Vitalis Organic Seeds.