How it all started


How it all started

In 1938…

Jacob Mazereeuw founded Enza Zaden. From the ambition of one man, we grew into a global player by breeding and producing outstanding vegetable seeds and offering our expertise to grow great vegetables. At the core of our family business is his enterprising spirit that is passed on to each following generation.

For Jacob, no hurdle was ever too high. His fearless and tireless drive defines his character: a pioneer by heart. Then, his son Piet infused the company with his great passion for plants and product development: a natural seed breeder and innovator. Finally, the third generation Mazereeuw and current CEO Jaap continues guiding us towards ever greater goals with his steady but ambitious long-term vision.

Daring & caring

"You have to dare take risks, to spend money before you make money."

This statement is often heard at Enza Zaden, and it rings true, especially in the breeding sector. It takes up to 10 years of investment in time and money to develop a new vegetable variety, and then still, we must be the first and the best to earn our investment back. The enterprising spirit that started it all in 1938 is still driving our business. It’s no secret that every year, we invest 30% of our turnover in research and development. Why? To introduce the right solutions for the right customer at the right time and to follow our purpose: breeding to feed the world and creating value for sustainable life.