Eazyleaf Australia: Breeding for local conditions:

11 March 2022 News

Eazyleaf in Australia

Breeding for local conditions

Enza Zaden prides itself on a multi-local approach to business, where we focus product development with our growers to provide what regional markets need. At the start of February, local Enza Zaden staff, concluded a breeding nursery in Victoria, Australia, selecting plants with novel leaf types, colours, better disease resistance genetics and stronger bolting tolerance to heat and day-length. These plants will be used to expand the existing portfolio with new varieties or used in further breeding activities into the future. 

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What is Eazyleaf?

Our Eazyleaf brand represents lettuce varieties that are extremely easy to slice and prepare. In just one slice, the plant splits into many small leaves, all equally sized. Eazyleaf, is the mainstay of plate dressing in the catering, restaurant and café industry. The variety of leaf shapes, colours and textures provide a beautiful eating experience for the diner. The fact that Eazyleaf needs no preparation or processing beyond harvest and washing, it has also become increasingly popular with the home cook. Simply add your favourite additions to the salad mix and it is ready to impress any family or dinner guest.

Our Eazyleaf concept, aims to meet all the needs from start to end in the chain; whether it is disease resistances and ease of harvest for our growers, or improved shelf-life and processability for processors right up to the vibrancy in colour and taste for the consumer.

Our Range

Enza Zaden has a strong green range in Eazyleaf and is building its portfolio in the red, butter and romaine segments. That is why it is so important to develop these varieties in the Australian climate and growing conditions so we can meet the diverse needs of our growers and consumers.

Ezell is one of these varieties that has come from local breeding. The fine curled, green Eazyleaf has great yield and volume, it offers a vibrant apple green colour, rounded frill leaf with a small cut-surface for longer shelf-life. The variety can be grown year round, but lends itself to summer vigour and cool season anthracnose tolerance.

Ezflor, a beautiful compliment to Ezell, is a dark red curled, deeply incised variety, with a beautiful green and red contrast. The newest addition to the portfolio, it boasts great genetics for vigour, summer bolting tolerance and high resistances to mildew.

Our commitment

Our dedicated breeding team in France, along with teams in Spain, Australia, the United States and in South Africa, are actively screening and testing the new varieties. This ensures that we can offer the best genetics and confidence to our growers that the products will perform in their conditions and deliver the highest quality products to the market. For more information browse our range or contact our local team.