How to build good customer relationships?


How to build good customer relationships?

“Put yourself in their shoes”

The strength of a good customer relationship lies in the ability to offer added value. This often goes much further than supplying a product or service. It all revolves around the customer experience. But you need to really know your customers for this. How do you do that?

In the digital world that we live in these days, it can be a challenge to work on a personal relationship with your customers. But it is also more important than ever. 

“It’s not about companies, it’s about people,” explain Prudencio Olivares (Regional Sales Director Southern Europe) and Maria del Mar Peralta (Marketing Manager Southern Europe). “And these days these people increasingly expect a customised service. We used to have a specific product for the whole region. Now we have customers in one region all with their own requirements for different varieties. So the general approach no longer works.”

Customer is King

We are continuously working to develop the best vegetable varieties. But the best variety for one customer is not necessarily the best variety for another customer. “What’s important is that our vegetable varieties offer added value to our customers. Varieties that meet their wishes and requirements. Varieties that match their strategy and the wishes of their customers,” says Peralta. “

To achieve this, we work according to the Customer First principle.” Or, the customer is king. “

We need to ask ourselves how we can deliver that added value,” adds Olivares. “We need to know about their company and the environment. We need to really understand what they’re working on. This way, we know what we can do for them: developing a new variety, helping with positioning or devising a new concept.”

Customer relationships require internal collaboration

Collaboration between various departments within an organisation is essential in order to achieve the correct customer experience. Peralta: “A new concept isn’t only an issue for the marketing department. It’s something everyone in the company needs to get behind if you are to offer your customers the very best experience. It’s not just about a new vegetable variety. It is all about your knowledge as a company, at every point of the customer journey; that’s what results in satisfied customers.”

Let’s connect

“In short, you need to understand your customers and stay in touch with them. Put yourself in their shoes. Build a network with them so you can share knowledge with them, devise solutions together and cooperate on all levels. Then everyone wins. We, our customers and ultimately, the consumer.”