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Vespolino is a flexible mini plum type. The flavour is excellent as is the shelf life. The trusses can be pruned to 10-12 fruit giving 22-25 gram fruit or pruned to 8-10 fruit giving 25-27 gram fruit. Vespolino can be harvested loose with the Calyx on.

  • HR: ToMV/Fol:0,1
  • IR: Ma/Mi/Mj
  • Vigorous open plant
  • Trusses are well shaped, uniform and present well
  • Truss harvest
  • The fruit has an attractive dark colour
  • Fruit are full of flavour with a good balance of sweet and sour
Crop Type
Mini-midi plum
Resistance HR
Resistance IR
Plant type
Small Plum
Our varieties of type Mini-midi plum
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