Plant Physiologist (Cell Technology Department)


Enkhuizen, The Netherlands (Fulltime)

Plant Physiologist (Cell Technology Department)


Copy, fix and generate new genetics

Are you the pioneer with a plant physiology background to contribute to the deep understanding of plant development and reaction of plant tissues under specific growth conditions?

What are you going to do?

As a Plant Physiologist, you will cornerstone between controlled environmental conditions, plant development and in vitro technologies. You will closely work with the cell biologists (researchers within the Cell technology department) to modulate and steer plant development under in vivo and in vitro controlled conditions, by investigating the effect of different environmental factors (e.g. light and temperature) on the development of various vegetable crops.


At Cell Technology (CT), we cooperate with breeding and other Biotechnology departments to deliver plants with various genetic value. Within cell biology research, we focus on developing protocols that enable us to copy, fix and generate new genetics. Once we have established these protocols, we work closely with our production team to run them in a routine environment and transforming these protocols into products that are used by the various breeding/Biotechnology teams. We have experience in plant growth, double haploid production, micropropagation, plant transformation, chemical and genetic mutagenesis, protoplast-based technologies and embryo rescue. We are keen on expanding our technology portfolio by exploring advances in the above-mentioned techniques.

Your power

You are passionate about working with plants. In your work as a plant physiologist, you are able to work independently and accurate. Your natural curiosity drives you to investigate and come to conclusions followed by a practical and timely advice. You come up with creative solutions fitting the situational needs. Your attitude is analytic, proactive and practical.

Your flexible mind set allows you to switch between activities and reprioritise when needed. Thanks to your excellent communication skills, you connect easily with people on multiple levels and take position based on relevant arguments for improvements in the process chain.

In short, you:

  • have a PhD degree in green life sciences with at least 2 years of relevant experience in plant physiology or a MSc in green life sciences with at least 5 years of relevant experience in plant physiology;
  • are experienced with environment – plant development interaction in particular the effect of stresses;
  • have knowledge on hormonal pathways in plants;
  • are experienced with controlled plant growth/phytotrons;
  • have affinity to cell- and tissue culture;
  • are experienced with rooting and weaning processes;
  • >have interest and technical knowledge with regards to artificial light and LED lighting;
  • are knowledgeable about DH processes.

You show initiative and independence to perform activities but always in consultation with your colleagues. Due to your excellent interpersonal communication skills, you feel in place in a multi-disciplinary team in a fast pace, dynamic organisation.

Our power

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. We produce and sell the seeds of these varieties all over the world. Both for conventional and organic growers.

Our goal is to grant people access to healthy vegetables. Anywhere in the world. Every day, more than 460 million people worldwide eat our vegetables. So, we are getting there ... but there is still enough work to be done! Of course, we look further than present needs. In 2050, when there will be about 10 billion inhabitants on our planet, we also want to make sure that people have access to healthy vegetables.

To achieve this, our vegetable breeders work with the best that nature offers. Supported by state-of-the-art technologies to speed up our breeding process. And that is really necessary, because currently the development of a new vegetable variety takes at least 6 years. We focus on higher yield, resistance to diseases and pests and climate extremes such as heat and drought. And on taste, shelf life and nutrients. The results? Strong, healthy tasty and climate-proof vegetable varieties with higher yield per square meter and less need of crop protection products or fertilizer. In short, sustainability is truly in our DNA

Our head office in Enkhuizen is our home base, but we have colleagues all over the world. Enza Zaden is an independent family business, where around 2000 employees from more than 40 nationalities closely work together in international teams.


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More information:

  • Annemarie Weening, Recruiter, +31 228 784 627