Intern Seed Pathology


Enkhuizen, Holanda (Jornada completa)

Intern Seed Pathology

Passionate about plants, pathogens and their interaction

What are you going to do as an intern Seed Pathology?

As intern Seed Pathology you will work together with the Seed Technology team (Researchers, Assistant Reseachers) and contribute to the solution of the production of healty seed, particularly in this project for radish seed.

The Seed Pathology department is specialised in research on seed-borne pathogens threatening seed health.

The goal of your internship project is to determine how Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola (PSM) spreads in Radish plants and seeds in function of the time and point of inoculation. Your part of this project includes investigating and narrowing down potential points of action related to results optained.

Your research will include diagnostics in the greenhouse and lab on radish plants and seeds using microbiological and molecular techniques. Your findings will summarised in a report and translated to recommendations for implementation and further research.

Your power

You are passionate about plants, pathogens and their interaction. You have a phytopathology or biology background. You are an independent worker and have the drive to dig into your project and the ability to continue until you have found the answers you are looking for. You are an enthusiastic student who acts on own initiative, sees new possibilities and comes with creative ideas and share them with the researcher. Furthermore, you have good communication skills and are a strong team player.

In short, you meet the following requirements:

  • year of your BSc or MSc (for example in Plant or Life Sciences);
  • available from February 2020 – October 2020;
  • knowledge about phytopatology, microbiology or agricultural;
  • independent and accurate worker;
  • fluent in English (Dutch language skills are a plus).

Our power

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. We produce and sell the seeds of these varieties all over the world. Both for conventional and organic growers. In order to explain this properly (and as briefly as possible) we have made an animation.

For more than 80 years we are working with the best that nature offers. We support this with state-of-the-art technologies to speed up our breeding process. That is really necessary, because currently the development of a new vegetable variety takes up 6 to 10 years.

The results? Strong, healthy, tasty and climate-proof vegetable varieties with higher yield per square meter and less need of crop protection products or fertilizer.

Our strength? More than 2000 passionate colleagues worldwide working together on the vegetables of tomorrow. Therefore, we continuously invest in knowledge and skills with our Enza Academy and under the flag of enzActive we organise various sports activities to stay healthy.


Please, send your application to our HR department, via the button below.

More information:

  • Martine Rook, Recruiter, tel. +31 288 784 638