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Sales Planner

Planning, monitoring and coördinating

What are you going to do as a Sales Planner?

As Sales Planner, you are responsible for planning the supply of seeds and for the correct tracking, monitoring and prognosis of the inventory levels to ensure that finished seed products in the right quantity and quality are available for sales.

You are also responsible to coordinate the sales and operations planning process to ensure that the weekly and monthly the correct information, insights and decisions can be made and that continuous improvements are signalled and implemented.

You are required to coordinate the sales and operational weekly and monthly process: ensure a clear set of demand planning (prepared by sales/portfolio manager), supply planning and inventory level tracking and prognosis to support the decision making for adjustments to sales and supply can be taken.

In addition, you will prepare a short- and long-term supply plan for commercial seed. The short-term plan defines seed production orders (product code, quantity, country of origin, supplier, among other parameters. The long-term plan requires estimates and is required to define capacity and make cost indications and to signal upfront the required decisions for deadlines for new product introductions (availability of stock seed) and proper phase out (inventory management) of products to be discontinued. The same process also applies to stock seed, including the complexity of planning the parent lines supply, and liaising with R&D and production specialists to ensure availability of foundation seed.

Besides, you will be responsible to determine detail planning and priority of seed lot productions, testing and processing and ensure the supply plan can be met and to signal upfront any issues and define an action plan or decision to resolve.

You will need to coordinate with the local South East Asia locations on both physical and virtual warehouse positions. Signal and solve issues. Coordinate with Global planning in Enkhuizen on the overall inventory position of South East Asia. Signal and solve issues. Responsible to prepare for and take part in the monthly global supply planning process with Global Supply planning Enkhuizen ensuring timely information for the South East Asia supply plan and on the inventory position. Signal and solve issues cooperatively. Actively suggest and implement improvements to the process, including templates, data tracking, and so forth.

In addition, you will be managing the Seed Supply team and with this for drawing up the production plans based on the available stock and the sales to be realized. Also active in leading improvements within the crop regarding quality and process efficiency.

Your power

As a Sales Planner, you have of course excellent knowledge in a supply chain planning position within a complex supply chain/ operational environment. You possess excellent and effective communication skills (both orally and in writing) in English. You worked with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and you have advanced skills specifically in Excel, ERP Systems and planning systems. You can work out activities independently, with a clear understanding of the desired direction and priorities based on the organization's vision and strategy. High collaborative working skills and leading processes with teams of different managerial level and ability to analyze and work with complex problems and large sets of data. You are also very flexible and work under pressure.

  • Have excellent communications skill in English
  • Completed a post graduate program (preferably in supply chain or business engineering)
  • Have at least 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Worked with Microsoft Office and have excellent skills in Excel
  • Are flexible, can work under pressure and good team work

Our Power

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. We produce and sell the seeds of these varieties all over the world. Both for conventional and organic growers. In order to explain this properly (and as briefly as possible) we have made an animation.

For more than 80 years we are working with the best that nature offers. We support this with state-of-the-art technologies to speed up our breeding process. That is really necessary, because currently the development of a new vegetable variety takes up 6 to 10 years.

The results? Strong, healthy, tasty and climate-proof vegetable varieties with higher yield per square meter and less need of crop protection products or fertilizer.

Our strength? More than 2000 passionate colleagues worldwide working together on the vegetables of tomorrow. Therefore, we continuously invest in knowledge and skills with our Enza Academy and under the flag of enzActive we organise various sports activities to stay healthy.


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