The Crunchy cucumber

Sustainability, Convenience and experience… all in one!

easyQs® are highly versatile mini cucumbers which do not need peeling, and, due to their ‘crunch’, they can be used in many light and refreshing dishes, as well as being a perfect healthy snack.

“It is a solution for the dynamic market we operate in. EasyQs® is a highly convenient product that offers added value to the whole chain, from production to consumers,” explains Mari Carmen Manjón, Sales Manager at Enza Zaden in Spain.

The easyQs® brand already has high market recognition and comprises a complete portfolio of resistant varieties adapted to different dates and crop cycles, to guarantee production 365 days a year.

“Our breeding activities are always attuned to trends and developments we see in the market. We stay in close contact with all parties in the chain, to keep on top of market demands,” says Miguel Angel Caballero, Cucumber Breeder.

Cucumbers from the easyQs® line are characterised by their long shelf life and their crunch, both qualities which are highly valued by supply chains and consumers. Furthermore, from a producer’s point of view, easyQs® cucumbers stand out due to their production and adaptability to different planting dates. Thanks to intensive work on vegetable breeding, resistances have gradually been incorporated to tackle various current issues, such as the CGMMV virus.

easyQs® cucumbers respond to the demands of European consumers in terms of sustainability, convenience and experience.

Meeting Consumers demands for Sustainability, Convenience and Experience.

easyQs® perfectly match market requirements: consumers are demanding smaller portions, convenient formats, less plastic and a reduction in food waste. easyQs® offer a response to all these demands with a notable and high-quality product.


The size of easyQs ® cucumbers is perfect for reducing food waste. What is more, they don’t need plastic packaging to stay fresh. A step further to staying environmentally friendly. On top of that, they stay fresh for more than two weeks after harvesting, thus guaranteeing quality and freshness. In addition, an organic line of easyQs® cucumbers is available through Vitalis, Enza Zaden’s make of 100% organic seeds.


Their size, together with their lack of need for peeling, makes easyQs® perfect for snacks or healthy dipping food.


Thanks to their ‘crunch’ and the incredible versatility of this product, easyQs® cucumbers win over and surprise even the most demanding customers.
Discover all the advantages of easyQs® and find simple and refreshing recipes here!


Giuseppina Inturrisi - g.inturrisi@enzazaden.es