The crunchy cucumber, fun and taste at your convenience

Enza Zaden’s EasyQs concept presents cucumbers in a new way: with better flavour and in a convenient packaging. “It is a solution for the dynamic market we operate in. EasyQs is a highly convenient product that offers added value to the whole chain, from production to consumers,” explains Miguel Salinas, Sales Manager at Enza Zaden Spain.

Close contact

The breeding activities of Enza Zaden are always attuned to trends and developments in the market. “We stay in close contact with all parties in the chain, to keep on top of market demands,” says Miguel Angel Caballero, Cucumber Breeder. The idea of EasyQs originated from the trend of healthy food and healthy snacking.

Observing trends

Salinas: “By observing trends and analysing the European markets, we found out that these types of cucumber could meet the current needs of European consumers. Our breeding activities focus on improving this variety. Longer shelf life, improved taste, less water inside, crunchy bite and better production are the key factors. And it's already paying off. The varieties sold under the EasyQs brand are full of flavour, crunchy and have a good shelf life.”

The new presentation offers different packaging with more units in the same weight, which avoids waste. “So consumers can use what they need at each moment,” says Salinas.

“The idea of EasyQs  originated from the trend of healthy food and healthy snacking”

Contact details

Mari Carmen Manjon
Sales Manager
T: +34 606 056 485
E: M.Manjon@enzazaden.es