Our certifications


NAL is a system for authorising company laboratories that test the quality of seed. The system’s aim is to ensure, maintain and authorise the seed laboratories’ required level of reliability. Enza Zaden is NAL-authorised for testing different aspects of seed quality, among which are germination capacity, seed health, the presence of weeds and purity. NAL covers all the critical elements of seed-quality testing: the sampling before the tests, the laboratory’s quality system, the analysts’ expertise, the protocols and the release of the results via NAL company certificates. Our NAL authorisation implies that our seed-quality tests are carried out according to the standards and that the results are reliable.


Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP) is an international transparent chain system that was set up by companies with the aim of preventing the risk of tomato seed and plants being infected by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis (Cmm). As a GSPP-accredited company we work with a quality-management system, working methods and information systems that conform to the GSPP standards. The independent Dutch inspection organisation Naktuinbouw carries out the relevant audits at the GSPP-accredited companies.


SKAL is an independent organisation that supervises organic production in the Netherlands. It makes sure that organic products indeed conform to the legislation relating to organic production. Our organic subsidiary Vitalis Biologische Zaden B.V. is SKAL-accredited for the multiplication and treatment of and trade in organic seed. Enza Zaden Seed Operations is accredited for the processing and packing of organic seed.