Winter Leafy Days 2023


13 - 17 February 2023

El Albujón, Murcia, Spain

Winter Leafy Days 2023

Winter Leafy Days 2023, El Albujón, Murcia

Visit our demo field in El Albujón, Murcia

Winter Leafy Days 2023 are back! 

From 13th-17th February, we will be hosting Winter Leafy days 2023, where you will be able to visit our demo field in El Albujón, Murcia.

The power of leafy

Our leafy portfolio has a wide range of solid varieties in each segment, with excellent field performance, outstanding post-harvest, and high levels of disease resistance for all markets.In Leafy crops, many of our varieties are resistant to the full range BI:16-37 EU, Fusarium and PE 1-19 in the specific case of spinach.


Resistance makes the difference

Why is resistance so important? Resistant varieties offer advantages to all stakeholders in the chain. On one hand they offer great advantages to growers, with lower inputs, higher yields and reducing the risk of crop loss. On the other hand, they benefit processors and retailers, granting high-quality products with longer shelf life. Finally, resistant varieties also respond to consumers’ demand on healthier and chemical-free vegetables.