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16 June 2021 News

Providing consistent quality and supply in melons, all year round

Melon House Fair 2021

Let's create value together

June 28 – July 9, 2021
Enza Zaden Melon House Fair

In a few weeks, the Melon House Fair 2021 will start: the interactive, multimedia event that’s all about melons and watermelons. One of the themes covered during this event is the year-round availability of consistently high-quality melons of each type. That is what consumers and retailers expect from the supply chain, after all. In the heart of summer, European consumers enjoy the delicious galia melon, Piel de Sapo, Charentais and watermelon, but they also want to be able to buy them in November or March.

Making quality melons widely available

Enza Zaden is working hard to meet these expectations. "Our breeding programme has expanded and intensified in recent years. This results in a growing range of high-quality varieties for various cultivation regions. Some are ideally suited for long-haul transport to export destinations, others are intended for local markets," says Miguel Salinas, Melon Sales Manager.

"Among the Cantaloupes, the Konquista variety is gaining ground. This variety has very good flavour and excellent shelf life, but is slightly less able to withstand long-haul transport, so it is recommended for local markets. Our breeders are now working on a similar variety with the same qualities, but suitable for faraway destinations," Miguel continues.

"And in Spain, Enza Zaden has been supplying high quality Piel de Sapo varieties for years, delivering consistent, high quality from early to late in the season. Now excellent varieties are also becoming available for the Brazilian market."

Smart combinations in melon varieties

All melon and watermelon varieties are internationally tested by the breeders and cultivation specialists at Enza Zaden under different climate and growing conditions. By combining early and late varieties intelligently and by setting up cultivation programmes in regions that complement each other perfectly, we have become increasingly better at satisfying retailers and consumers all year round.

Customisation and more

"During the Melon House Fair, visitors will be introduced to more concrete examples and detailed programmes. We will zoom in on the types, varieties and programmes that are relevant to the specific customer, of course," says Giuseppina Inturrisi, Marketing Specialist and one of the organisers of this event. "To create added value we need customisation, and customisation requires knowledge exchange and cooperation. Under the motto ‘Let’s create value together’, we will be informing our clients about the latest developments in our product range for the various markets.

Register via MHF website

All in all, this year’s Melon House Fair will be yet another event you shouldn’t miss out on. On the website you can explore and register to participate with your local representative or by e-mail via It’s quick and easy to make an appointment for an in-person or virtual visit.

Providing consistent quality and supply in melons, all year round - Melon House Fair 2021