Spinach varieties Enza Zaden resistant to new races of downy mildew

28 April 2021 News

Our spinach varieties

Resistant to new downy mildew races

The International Working Group on Peronospora in spinach (IWGP) has denominated two new races of the downy mildew pathogen (Peronospora farinosa f. sp. spinaciae) on spinach, Pfs: 18 and 19. Our tests confirm that a large part of the Enza Zaden spinach portfolio is resistant to these new races.

Resistant varieties

Both races pose a significant threat to the spinach industry in all parts of the world, and resistance to these new races is important. Please find below an overview or our spinach varieties and their resistances. You can find full product information on the product section of our local websites.  



 High Resistance





 Sportage (E03D.1038)


 Traverse (E03D.1062)


 Frontier (E03D.1059)












The IWGP is continuously monitoring the appearance of strains of the pathogen that deviate in virulence from the known races. In this way, the IWGP aims to promote a consistent and clear communication between public and private entities, such as the seed industry, growers, scientists, and other interested parties about all resistance-breaking races that are persistent enough to survive over several years, occur in a wide area, and cause a significant economic impact.

Full press release

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