Animation ToBRFV

12 July 2022 News

Animation ToBRFV

Three red tomatoes on a green background

ToBRFV: Together we can stop the spread  

Combining high-resistant varieties and sanitary measures will prevent ToBRFV introduction and spread.   

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV) has caused devastating disease outbreaks in tomato production. It is an emerging and rapidly spreading plant RNA virus that threatens tomato production worldwide. Within just a few years of its discovery in Israel, the virus has spread to at least 35 countries across four continents in the world.

The infection severely reduces fruit yields and quality, resulting in a severe reduction in yield. When outbreaks occur, growers are often forced to terminate the crop.

Currently, there are no treatments that can be used to cure ToBRFV. However, a lot of our research effort has been devoted to finding a solution to stop the spread of ToBRFV.   

How can we stop the spread?

Watch the animation.    

Together we will stop the spread!