Enza Zaden is named the leading business in Dutch Horticulture | Enza Zaden

7 November 2022 News

Enza Zaden is named the leading business in Dutch Horticulture

Innovative power of Enza Zaden

On Friday, 4 November, the Hillenraad100 Committee of Experts praised the innovative power of Enza Zaden, our focus on both technology and the market, and our international growth, by naming us the leading business in Dutch horticulture.

During the unveiling, Hillenraad100 called Enza Zaden the “absolute and undisputed number one” due to Enza Zaden's strong position and being fully on track to make a lasting contribution to better and healthier food for the world population. A quote from the jury report: “Enza Zaden has a rock-solid position and is well on course to continue contributing to better and healthier food for the global population.”

Jaap Mazereeuw (CEO Enza Zaden) receives the award that comes with first place in the Hillenraad 100 from Martien Penning, founder Hillenraad and Adri Bom-Lenstra, chairman Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands. Fotocredits: Hillenraad.

Jaap Mazereeuw, Chief Executive Officer of Enza Zaden: "I am very proud of this recognition for our family business. We achieved this beautiful listing thanks to all our employees who work daily to realize Enza Zaden's ambition: give people all over the world access to a wide variety of healthy vegetables."


More than 460 million people eat vegetables that result from our breeding programs. The focus is on co-creation with the grower who keeps the promise to the consumer. Enza Zaden keeps looking for connections with future growers in combination with the technology of the future. We stand out for our genetics, technology, sustainability, and involvement. Introducing our collection of first-ever high-resistance tomato varieties against ToBRFV (Tomato brown rugose fruit virus) is an excellent example of what can be done when innovative strength and market drive are combined.   

What is the Hillenraad100?

The Hillenraad100 assesses leading Dutch companies in the greenhouse and horticulture industries, based on their strategy, market position, organization, performance, innovation, and corporate social responsibility.