Program Online Career Event


Program Online Career Event

Enza Zaden employees

Our colleagues about their work

In total, eight colleagues will talk about their work during the career event.

Every 15 minutes, a different department joins our recruiter Martine Rook-Wijnker in the studio: R&D, Information & Digitalization, Seed Operations and Marketing & Sales.

Keep in mind that the entire event will be in English.

  • 15:00– Research & Development
    • Martijn van Stee, Tomato Breeder
  • 15:15 – Information & Digitalization
    • Nanne Faber, Program Manager Technology
    • Johan Bijleveld, Manager Enterprise Architecture & Security
  • 15:30– Seed Operations
    • Els ten Dam, Senior Production Specialist
    • Bart Schuurman, Supply Chain Manager
  • 15:45– Marketing & Sales
    • Yingjie Xu, Forecast Planner
    • Denise Schouw, Program Manager
    • Chris Groot, Produce Chain Manager