Researcher Seed Physiology


Enkhuizen, Nederland - PhD (Fulltime)

Researcher Seed Physiology

Seed physiologist with interest in data science

What are you going to do?

As a Researcher Seed Physiology you will stay on top of new technologies in seed physiology research with the focus on improving the quality of our vegetable seeds. You will initiate research in the field of seed physiology (priming, dormancy breaking, markers for seed quality) and related fields such as breeding and seed production. As data science, bioinformatics and automation are becoming more and more important in seed physiology research, this area has your particular interest and you will bring knowledge and/or experience in this field of research.

You are expected to follow the latest advances in seed physiology and their applications for Enza Zaden through literature, conferences and scientific meetings. You will actively identify points for improvement in the commercial application of seed physiology protocols relevant to seed physiology. 

As a real spider in the web you will cooperate with internal and external partners. You will work closely together with the Information & Digitalisation department, to work on new developments in seed analysis, using the latest technologies to connect research with data analysis. On the other hand, you are enthusiastic to facilitate the practical implementation of (new) techniques and protocols in the Processing department. The Researcher Seed Physiology reports to the Senior Researcher Seed Physiology.

The Seed Technology department conducts research in the field of seed physiology, seed production research and seed pathology. Seed Physiology refers to the scientific study of biological processes and functions within the seed to be applicated to practical solutions. We investigate seed responses to environmental clues as well as seed behavior after chemical and physical treatments.
 Our mission is to enable Enza Zaden to deliver the best quality seed to customers by providing high-performance seed enhancement treatments as well as robust, standardized protocols for seed germination testing.
In our Seed Physiology group, we conduct both basic and applied research with the ultimate goal to apply the best seed treatments to our seeds. As seed quality is the result of several biological processes during seed development, we are also driving our research efforts towards understanding how seed quality is built up already on the mother plant by carrying out whole plant physiology studies.

Your power

You are a plant or seed physiologist with knowledge or experience in data science. As a researcher, you can work independently, as well as in a group. Thanks to your excellent interpersonal communication skills, you connect easily with people and you feel at ease working in a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural team and a dynamic organization. 
You have excellent planning skills and your flexible mindset allows you to switch between activities and reprioritize when needed. You also possess a decisive mind and take decisions based on relevant arguments. Furthermore, you can incorporate entrepreneurship into your work.

In short, you:  
  • have a PhD (for example plant physiology or bioinformatics) or a Master’s degree with some years of work experience; 
  • have an affinity with seed physiology and are willing to become an expert in this area;
  • have good communication skills in Dutch as well as in the English language;
  • have strong analytical and problem-solving skills; 
  • stay on top of the latest scientific and technical developments in a.o. plant physiology, and plant phenotyping analysis and can share your expertise in multidisciplinary teams and at different levels; 
  • have a collaborative mindset and feel at ease in internal and external projects from an industry perspective. 

Our power

Enza Zaden is a vegetable breeding company that develops vegetable varieties. And produces and sells its seeds all over the world. We have made an animation to explain to you properly (and as briefly as possible) what we do. 

The purpose of our work? To offer everyone worldwide access to healthy and varied vegetables. With more than 2000 passionate colleagues all over the world, we work together every day on the vegetables of tomorrow. 

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