Spanish superstars: Plutonio and Celaya

23 czerwca 2016 Aktualności

Spanish superstars: Plutonio and Celaya

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The sweet pepper varieties Plutonio and Celaya of Enza Zaden are already well known in Spain. These varieties perform well under the Spanish climate conditions. But also in other areas of the world these varieties bring great advantages to growers.


The red sweet pepper variety Plutonio is new in our catalog. Plutonio is a very generative, consistent and open plant type with a medium size. It has an easy setting, high tolerance against micro-cracking, bright red colour and a staggered production. The harvest period of this variety depends on the growing area, but is mainly from mid-June till the end of July.


The yellow blocky sweet pepper variety Celaya is nematode resistant, with good setting in hot conditions and medium size good quality fruit. In Spain is positioned in the medium early planting slot. This variety is also available as organic seed from Vitalis.

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