Greencumbers: delicious cucumbers without plastic

Delicious cucumbers without plastic

We all want less plastic waste, right? Just try to imagine what a difference it would make if all the cucumbers on the planet made their way to the shops without a plastic jacket.


Naked cucumbers

We are off to a flying start with the new Greencumbers generation from Enza Zaden. They are 100% organic, have more flavour, lie unwrapped on the shelf as standard and they even last longer. On top of reduced plastic waste, this also results in less food waste. Talk about a win-win situation!

The first 3 superstars

For starters, we present Levantino, Poniente and Braganza. A lot of hard work has gone into the shelf life of these three varieties, and the results speak for themselves.For example, 95% of Levantino and Poniente cucumbers are still perfectly saleable 10 days after harvest. And for Braganza, this is a whopping 14 days. With such a fantastic score, no one will be missing the plastic packaging. Many more varieties will hopefully follow in the future.

Greencumbers: delicious cucumbers without plastic 

For environmentally consciousness

With our Greencumbers, we meet the increasing demand from the market to reduce food waste and reduce plastic use. “We are quite proud of that,” says Mari Carmen Manjon, Sales Manager, “because, naturally, sustainability and the environment itself are at the top of our list as well. With Greencumbers, we have such a beautiful product in our hands, and we are happy to contribute to a cleaner climate in this way.”More information

If you want to find out more about our naked cucumbers, Mari Carmen Manjon knows all about them.

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