Internship epistasis genomic selection with Artificial intelligence


, (Fulltime)

Internship epistasis genomic selection with Artificial intelligence

Work on genomic selection with the support of AI

Area and duration

Allonnes, Maine et Loire (49650), another location could be discussed, full time, 6 months.


We are looking for a student who is interested in genetics, programming and mathematics. Enza Zaden is an international company specialized in vegetable breeding and a family company. We are multicultural company supporting more and more breeding with AI.


The goal of the training is to do features selection in the context of genomic data. From statistical genetic point of view it is the same as using AI for epistasis detection. You will be using our simulation engine to find multiple Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) for complex trait. You will simulate different dataset sizing and measuring computer efficiency in terms of times and accuracy.

You need to have mathematical, genomic and programing knowledge in R or python to be able to attend this training.

You should be able to develop your own script using literature search and our guidance.


Open to M2 diploma.

  • Programing knowledge in R or python
  • Mathematical and statistical knowledge
  • Machine learning and deep learning knowledge
  • English speaking 


Please send your resume to