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How to use our logos and images?

How to use our logos and images?

The logo of Enza Zaden is protected by trademark law and may only be used after written permission from Enza Zaden or after Enza Zaden has sent the logo digitally. The logo may only be used in the original and for the purposes for which permission has been given.

Black background logo

When using the logo against a black background, it should feature a white outline. If you need this logo, please contact us.

Logo size

To ensure the high quality of the logos, the logo size may not be modified in anyway. We will send you a logo that can be used for publication in A4 size or smaller. If you would like to have a bigger size, please contact us for a different size.  


All images are copyrighted by Enza Zaden. The images may only be used with this line of text:

© 2016 Enza Zaden, The Netherlands, Enkhuizen.

And only for the purposes for which the Enza Zaden permission has been given.