EazyLeaf market expansion

27 Haziran 2018 Haber

Lettuce breeder expands to include grocers

Expanding EazyLeaf

We have made a significant investment in EazyLeaf, our one-cut lettuce. Traditionally it is a foodservice product for restaurant salads, we are now expanding the EazyLeaf to include grocers.

All 16 EazyLeaf varieties are available in the conventional and organic form, with organic distribution through our organic division, Vitalis Organic Seed.

EazyLeaf  offers:

  • excellent weight,
  • good shelf life,
  • strong yet flexible leaves
  • excellent bolting tolerance,
  • efficient mechanical harvesting,
  • easy to cut, and
  • a high percentage of product usability.

Commited to growth in EazyLeaf

“We’re highly committed to growth in this category. We’re demonstrating that commitment through investment in diverse leaf types, colors, and the most comprehensive resistance packages available, including full mildew resistance and aphid resistance,” said Jaime Eltit, Sales Representative, Direct Team West, Enza Zaden.

We have strong partnerships with customers. “To add value for our growers, we leverage our knowledgeable local sales team, our local production facility, and our international infrastructure,” says Nick Barnes, our Direct Sales Manager.

EazyLeaf seed is processed and distributed through Enza Zaden’s 43,000 sq ft Salinas Valley facility. Enza Zaden breeding stations in northwest France are responsible for the development of new EazyLeaf varieties. We also noted that when sales and breeders are working closely relationships enable us to rapidly commercialize new varieties to meet unique grower needs.

More than 100 EazyLeaf varieties are currently in development, with the aim of releasing new varieties annually.

Visit Enza Zaden at PMA Food Service in Monterey CA, booth#317.

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