Official opening Enza Zaden Philippines

12 Kasım 2018 Haber

Official opening Enza Zaden Philippines

Office and storage in Manilla

On 12 November, Enza Zaden opened a commercial office and seed storage building in Manila, the Philippines. With this office, the international vegetable breeding company has 47 subsidiaries throughout the world.

Close to customers

The Philippines is home to more than 100 million people. The growing population demands for more and healthier food. Vegetables play an important part in an increasing divers and healthy diet. A challenge for the local growers. With the opening of the new office, Enza Zaden ensures that they are close to the market, to their customers.

Establishing a new office and having a dedicated team in the Philippines will help to identify the needs of the local growers and the local market. This enables the independent family company to develop the best high performing varieties, totally attuned to the local (climate) conditions.

The power of (local) vegetable breeding

Enza Zaden believes in the power of (local) vegetable breeding. By using the latest technologies, they are able to develop the best varieties. The vegetable breeder offers growers high yielding resistant varieties, more product shelf life and less use of fertilizers and pesticides.

Our aim is to support local growers in the Philippines in utilizing the full potential of their land and labour. And by doing so, to ensure and increase the grower’s income and to realize food security and safety.