Enza Zaden Russia partners with LLC APH Eco-Culture

15 Mayıs 2019 Haber

Enza Zaden Russia partners with LLC APH Eco-Culture

Successful business partnership

On April 10, at the head office of Enza Zaden, Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, Director General, OD O. Gladouniak of Enza Zaden and A.S. Rudakov, the President of "ECO-Culture" signed an agreement on long-term cooperation and partnership. 

LLC "APH Eco-Culture" is the leader in the production of environmentally friendly greenhouse vegetables in Russia.

“We expect that this successful business partnership will provide Russian consumers with healthy vegetables, such as red mini plum tomato, pink grape tomato, cherry, strawberry tomato and others. The new tomatoes are unique for the Russian market and will provide our company with an opportunity to present itself on a new level – as an exclusive product supplier," said A.S. Rudakov.