Superior Taste Award for Tribelli

26 Haziran 2019 Haber

Superior Taste Award for Tribelli®

It's all about flavour

This month, Tribelli® has been awarded with the Superior Taste Award, celebrated by the International Taste Institute in Brussel.

The International Taste Institute, formerly ITQi, is an independent organisation formed by top chefs and sommeliers with Michelin’s stars. The institute is dedicated to certify the superior taste of food and beverages from all around the world. The jury, formed by experts and opinion leaders from the gastronomy sector, is selected among the 16 most prestigious professional associations in Europe.

Two stars

All the products are analyzed and scored following a strict and objective methodology through blind tasting. Which allows that the experts’ panel does not know the origin nor the brand of the product they are trying and evaluating.  Moreover, the experts also give comments and suggestions for the producers to guide future improvements or new launches. Depending on the results of the sensorial analysis, certified products are awarded the Superior Taste Award with one, two or three stars, something like the Michelin stars.

We are proud to announce that Tribelli® won the two stars award.