Talk tomatoes with us

18 Kasım 2019 Haber

Talk tomatoes with us

Meet, talk, listen and learn

Tuesday 26 November the first Global Tomato Congress will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. You will find the best and the brightest business minds from the fresh tomato business here. Enza Zaden sponsors this event. Also, we will contribute to the program. Our colleagues Hans Verwegen (Marketing Specialist) and Martijn van Stee (Crop Breeding Manager Tomato) will be participating in this first-ever tomato congress. 

Marketing specialist Hans Verwegen at the Headline Hub

Together with Axia Vegetable Seeds, Rijk Zwaan and Syngenta Hans Verwegen will join a panel discussion on the role of new varieties opportunities. What are significant changes in the chain, and what will the future look like according to them? 

Want to know our opinion about this? Watch Hans together with the rest of the panel at the Headline Hub at noon. 

Crop Breeding Manager Tomato Martijn van Stee at the Launchpad stage

Exploring and finding resistance has a great impact on crops. Especially when Martijn van Stee was on the search for resistance against the new and breaking-through Cladosporium. How did his team manage to cross this resistance very quickly into our new varieties?

He will share his journey at the Launchpad stage. Hear how you also can be innovative during the process of developing new varieties. 

Will Hans and Martijn see you on 26 November at the Global Tomato Congress? Or meet our other colleagues in the Expo area at our booth!