Tony Egan UK Director

12 June 2019 News

Tony Egan UK Director 2019

Interview with the new Director Enza Zaden UK

Tony Egan joined the Enza Zaden UK team in August 2018 and in January 2019 became Director of Enza Zaden UK.  Having worked in the Produce industry for nearly 25 years, Tony worked alongside former UK Director Alan Cresswell for eight months getting to know the UK team and the more extensive Enza Zaden business.

After a 30-year career with Enza Zaden, Alan retired in April 2019 at which time Tony took the reins and responsibility of the Enza Zaden UK business to build on what Alan and his predecessors had put in place.

“I am 44 years of age, and while not married, I’ve been with my partner for 25 years, and we have two daughters together,” tells Tony. “I grew up as an army child and lived between the UK and Germany until 1985 when my father came out of the army, and the family settled in Evesham.”

Interesting job

Tony heard about the position at Enza Zaden through Jill Kooijman, one of the UK Sales team when undertaking a visit to the business I was working for at the time. “Jill mentioned that Alan was retiring, and the position was still available, I felt the role would be interesting and applied for the job. Therefore, it’s Jill’s fault that I’m here now if anyone asks!”

Tomato background

“I knew of Enza Zaden predominantly because of tomatoes, this being the crop I’d been most heavily involved in over the last 14 years. Before joining Enza Zaden, I had little comprehension of the other crops Enza Zaden are breeding and developing varieties for - to begin to understand what happens is amazing!”

Trust and great confidence

“When asked about my strengths and weaknesses, I always find this a strange thing to answer. That is because mainly as I see some of my strengths also as weaknesses which can be taken advantage of. However, the first step in managing this has been the realisation of it. The important thing for me is to trust in my ability and that of the team as we go into the next phase of Enza Zaden UK with great confidence.”