Enza Zaden Field Days

17 May 2019 News

Enza Zaden Field Days

San Juan Bautista Research Station, June 11-13

West coast growers and dealers are invited to the Enza Zaden San Juan Bautista Station (June 11-13) for three days of in-depth conversation with Enza Zaden product specialists, breeders and sales representatives.

Guests will get a closer look at Enza Zaden varieties and a sneak peak of new developments to come.  Plus, visitors will be able to speak directly with the product development team and provide feedback or insight to influence the direction of Enza Zaden breeding programs. 

Featured varieties

The upcoming California Field Days will feature a variety of different crops, spotlighting new lettuces, endive and Eazyleaf® products.

Shaina Bronstein, organic sales representative for northwestern U.S. and western Canada, is excited about the new pairings available in the EazyLeaf® line. “The greens in the EazyLeaf® line are designed to be a teenaged size lettuce; by cutting off the base, the greens will be spring mix-sized. EazyLeaf® varieties are designed to be paired together, such as Burgandy, a new red tango variety, and Ezrilla, a green variety,” she shared.

Besides EazyLeaf, the California field day will focus on a new endive with proven genetics from Europe. The line includes “adaptable varieties and field growing characteristics such as uprightness and yield. New varieties Maratoneta and Benefine are curly and tres fin, respectively,” Bronstein said. Enza Zaden will be allowing growers to trial these new varieties.

Breeding for the local demand

Enza Zaden’s main goal for the June 11-13 Field Days is to receive grower and dealer feedback on new varieties and input on what should be developed next. Plus, the Enza Zaden team would like to learn about what growers are hearing from wholesale buyers and farmers market attendees alike.

The San Juan Bautista Field Day gives local growers and dealers the platform to discuss their needs with Enza Zaden breeders, ensuring our product development team delivers varieties that improve the growers bottom line. 

Field Day Details

Make an appointment!Growers are encouraged to schedule an appointment during the California field days, June 11-13. To register for an appointment, email customer.service@ enzazaden.com 

June 11-13, 2019: 8 am - 5pm

Enza Zaden San Juan Bautista Research Station
525 Lucy Brown Rd
San Juan Bautista, CA 95045

A catered lunch will be served each day.

Questions about this Field Day? Email us.