Company culture


Company culture

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It all starts with cooperation 

Key concerns at our company are entrepreneurship, cooperation and shouldering responsibilities. And above all also enjoying your work. More than 2,000 employees of around forty different nationalities work together to develop healthy vegetable varieties. With respect for one another and for the world around us. Teamwork is the basis of our success.  

Enthusiastic, inspired stories

Everyone counts at Enza Zaden, and everyone contributes towards our success. Our employees are competent, committed and enthusiastic. What makes the greatest impression on people visiting our company? “The enthusiasm with which your employees talk about the company and what they do. Their expertise and their genuine pride in Enza Zaden” are the kind of things we hear from visitors.  

Enza Zaden’s heart“

Our employees are our organization’s beating heart,” says Jaap Mazereeuw.

“Our employees are our organization’s beating heart,” Jaap Mazereeuw confirms. “As a family business, Enza Zaden has a strong focus on people. We have developed a social, sustainable personnel policy for our employees. We invest a lot in our employees, and encourage them to develop themselves.”  

Thinking out of the box

Have you heard of ‘Friday afternoon projects’? At Enza Zaden we really have such projects. Researchers and breeders are offered the opportunity to spend time on their own pilot projects in order to boost innovation and promote more thinking out of the box. This is for example how we got into breeding fennel, and our efforts in this field have been successful.   

Enza Academy

Enza Zaden is a healthy company. Every year we grow more than 8%, which is a lot. Such growth implies a lot of dynamism and new challenges. The Enza Academy, our international internal training institute, makes sure that we are able to meet those challenges. Talented young employees and (senior) managers are offered tailor-made training courses to promote their further development and international cooperation. Besides these leadership and management training courses, which are given by teachers from such institutes as INSEAD, the academy also organizes masterclasses focusing on specific topics.  

Andrea Schieder, Senior Breeder of Radish & Corn salad at Enza Zaden Germany, on Enza Zaden’s Management Course:

“The course was a milestone in my professional career, but also in my private life. It was an eye-opener that broadened my mind into seeing things in a different, wider context.”

Mathieu Pel, Senior Researcher/Biotech Breeder, on the Project Management Course: “This course helped me to flesh out my role within a project. It also gave me a better understanding of which aspects of my performance could still be improved.”    


Enza Zaden supports worldwide projects intended to promote healthy consumption patterns and a healthy lifestyle. Under the heading of ‘enzActive’ we develop and sponsor healthy sports activities for our employees and business relations.