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HREZ: High Resistance by Enza Zaden

We have developed tomato varieties with High Resistance against Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) – strong and uncompromised in quality. Together with the growers who are cultivating the first High Resistance varieties, we are creating a brighter future for all.

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A game changer for the tomato industry

In 2016, one plant showed remarkable promise. It had that one small difference that would make a big impact. Now we are proud to present HREZ our exclusive collection of High Resistance tomato varieties by Enza Zaden (HREZ) developed to combat ToBRFV. ToBRFV has been destroying entire crops and threatening the global tomato industry since 2014. There has been a significant decline in tomato production yields, a rise in production costs, and a threat to tomato quality at every level of the supply chain due to this highly contagious virus. Our HREZ collection is a game-changer, helping prevent the spread of ToBRFV and revolutionising the tomato industry.

HREZ: a new mark of confidence

High Resistance by Enza Zaden (HREZ) is a growing collection of tomato varieties that convey High Resistance to ToBRFV. HREZ varieties represent a long-awaited game changer for the tomato industry. The HREZ collection includes varieties in all significant tomato types including large plum (roma), beef, baby plum (grape/snack), cherry, cocktail and tomatoes-on-the-vine (TOV/cluster). The varieties are also adapted for different cropping systems and growing conditions.

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With HREZ, producers embattled by the threat of ToBRFV for years have a chance to return to preferred planting dates and regular harvest cycles, while anticipating more consistent quality and potentially higher yields. In turn, retailers can expect better supply planning and more consistency in product quality. HREZ is a label that enables the tomato industry to look forward with confidence.

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Why is High Resistance important?

During the last eight years, the tomato industry has faced significant challenges due to the spread of the ToBRFV virus. This industry is worth over $190 billion annually and plays a crucial role in our food supply chain. Phytosanitary protocols are being enhanced, labor is being increased, and crops are being rotated more frequently to combat the virus. These measures haven't been enough to eradicate the virus, and have increased industry costs. In addition, unmarketable fruit reduced yields and forced the industry to switch to suboptimal planting dates and short harvest cycles. Still, infection rates are rising in over 30 countries despite these measures. Tomato varieties with High Resistance benefit not only your operation but the entire industry. It is a small step that can make a big difference in combating the spread of ToBRFV.

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Sanitary measures remain essential

Fighting ToBRFV requires a multi-layered approach that combines tomato varieties with High Resistance and sanitary measures.  The tomato industry has become better at battling ToBRFV over the past few years due to a close collaboration with tomato growers and other professionals across the globe. Experience shows that sanitary measures play a key role in maintaining low virus pressure.

Limit Access

Lower number of people means lower chances of spreading the virus

Clean & Disinfect

Hands, tools, shoes and surfaces that come in contact with plants

Dispose used materials

A new zone requires new gloves & clothing. Always dispose used ones

Minimise handling

Only handle when necessary to avoid wounding

Introducing our HREZ collection

With over 1000 ha of High Resistance by Enza Zaden (HREZ) varieties successfully cultivated around the world, tomato growers are looking forward to a brighter future. Today, Enza Zaden offers 18 varieties with High Resistance to Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV). The varieties are available in all significant tomato types, and do not compromise on taste, yield or quality. The trust and dedication of our valued grower, shipper and retailer partners has contributed greatly to the success and fast adoption rate of HREZ varieties in all major tomato production regions.

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Grafting on a rootstock may have negative effects on the characteristics and resistance of the HREZ tomato varieties. There are certain mutations and there may emerge further mutations of ToBRFV for which HREZ tomato varieties do not offer High Resistance or for which resistance has not yet been established. Performance of the HREZ tomato varieties may differ due to multiple factors beyond Enza Zaden’ control, including but not limited to, environmental and agronomic factors. Products at times carry seed borne diseases or have lower resistance to plant diseases which may not be apparent to Enza Zaden. In addition, inclusion of disease resistance traits in newly developed varieties may have other growth impacts including but not limited to growth disorders and hypersensitive reactions to environmental conditions.

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