Enza Academy


Enza Academy

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Investing in skills and expertise

Our employees are the source of innovation. The expertise, experience and shared insights of Enza Zaden colleagues ultimately combine in our vegetable seeds.

Investment begins with investing in your human capital. The Enza Academy is a fine example of this. Enza Academy offers various multi-day training courses. On the one hand, we use the Enza Academy to invest in professional expertise. And on the other hand to enhance the development of personal, managerial and project-related skills and abilities.

We also provide specific management training. Managers are trained in a variety of skills, but above all they learn to allow their teams the freedom to exercise their own entrepreneurial qualities. 

Andrea Schieder, Crop Breeding Manager Radish & Cornsalad, about the Management Course:

“The course was a milestone in my professional, but also in my private life. It was an eye-opener and broadened my mind to look at things in a different and a larger context.”