Enza Innovation Award


Enza Innovation Award

Ideas are the source for innovation

Whether an idea is sparked by a flash of inspiration, or born from an extensive problem analysis: ideas are the source for innovation. Releasing these ideas and translating them into concrete steps is crucial for our organisation.

Martijn van Stee, Crop Breeding Manager Tomato:

"We give employees the opportunity to contribute to the innovation process of Enza Zaden. Generation of ideas is the first step of the innovation process”

Convert ideas into innovations

An idea kept inside a person’s mind is useless. Sharing and shaping ideas, and actively implementing them form the foundation for innovations.

The Enza Innovation Award is a way of stimulating our employees to convert their ideas into innovations. To work out the details together, to think about the possibilities from various perspectives and to convince others of their practical use. The winner of this award will receive a cheque and the winning ideas will be developed further and put into practice.