New Bremia race BI:34EU and BI:35EU

5 July 2018 News

New Bremia race BI:34EU and BI:35EU

Lettuce varieties Enza Zaden resistant to new Bremia races BI:34EU and BI:35EU

The International Bremia Evaluation Board for the EU (IBEB-EU) recently announced a new race of Bremia, BI:34EU and BI:35EU. Our tests confirm that a large part of the Enza Zaden lettuce portfolio is resistant to this new races. We have created a leaflet with an overview of all our lettuce varieties that have this new Bremias BI:34EU and BI:35EU resistance. Also the production section on our local websites is updated with this new information.  

Rea the full press release of Plantum.

Bremia lactucae

Bremia lactucae,  causing downy mildew in lettuce, is genetically very variable. Breeders are working together to monitor the changes in the Bremia population in response to the introduction of increased resistances. Enza Zaden offers a wide range of solid varieties with excellent field performance, outstanding post harvest quality and high levels of disease resistance. In combination with your usual preventive treatments, these varieties ensure a high level of protection, leading to a successful lettuce production.