Enza Zaden starts own commercial activities in Oceania

21 July 2019 News

Enza Zaden starts own commercial activities in Oceania

Changes in partnership structure

For many years Enza Zaden, South Pacific Seeds and Terranova Seed NZ have worked closely and successfully together to provide the New Zealand and Australian market with high quality vegetable varieties. As market conditions and customers’ needs change, the distribution model and the cooperation between the three parties will change:

Continued partnership in Australia.

“We will change our partnership structure with Terranova Seed NZ (TN)  and South Pacific Seeds in the Australian market. Enza Zaden will sell a number of crops, including seeds for protected, heated crops and leafy crops, directly to its customers. This is because we need to be closer to the decision makers, and we need to be able to respond more flexible to the ever faster-changing market demands.” says Ton van der Velden, Region Manager for Enza Zaden in Australia and New Zealand.

“But we will continue to market seeds for a number of crops through our distributors SPS and TN, because they have proven in the past to support our products and manage the logistics of these crops well.” Among these crops are onions, pumpkins, seeds for unheated covered crops, cauliflower, zucchini and open field pepper and tomatoes.

Enza Zaden New Zealand

Enza Zaden will launch its own distribution facility and sales organization in New Zealand. “We will be selling our varieties 100% directly to customers.” The change in cooperation between the companies will be effective from 1-1-2020 on. During 2019 we will continue doing business as usual.

Close to the market

With the opening of the new offices, Enza Zaden will be close to the market and close to the customers. “Our customers will have the benefit of both local and international product support for our excellent vegetable varieties,” says Van der Velden. The Enza Zaden New Zealand commercial team currently consists of Herman van der Gulik and Aneil Hari. The Enza Zaden Australia team consists of Ettienne Shultz, Nick Mendham and David Jensen. “But we are working on expanding this team with more local people, both in New Zealand and Australia.”