The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Enza Zaden’s head office is located in the Dutch town of Enkhuizen. 650 of the, in total, 1,700 Enza Zaden employees work in Enkhuizen. Sales, marketing, logistics and breeding activities are all centred in Enkhuizen. Eight hectares of hyper-modern research greenhouses and various laboratories are dedicated to breeding.

Vitalis Organic Seeds
Our subsidiary Vitalis Organic Seeds in Voorst is a 100% organic vegetable-breeding company focusing on professional organic growers all over the world.

More info? Take a look at the Vitalis website.

Enza Zaden is one of the founding fathers of KeyGene, one of the largest biotechnological companies in the world specialising in vegetable genetics. KeyGene is based in Wageningen.

More info? Take a look at the website of Keygene.

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