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Enza Zaden has been selling herbs since 2001. Our main market is Europe, with a particular focus on Scandinavia, the Baltic States, UK, Benelux, Germany, France, Italy, the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe. Within these markets, our crop focus is on basil, chive, dill, parsley and wild rocket (Rucola selvatica/Diplotaxis tenuifolia).

We are constantly working to improve our existing varieties. By developing disease resistance in our herbs, we make sure our clients get the best seed quality. We also test our varieties for shelf life to supply our customers with products for both local and export markets. All herbs are tested on NFT (cultivation on water) and in Scandinavia especially we have gained a high level of expertise over the past years.

We have made significant investments to improve the quality of our seed, to make it as high as possible. A technical team in Enza Zaden Germany is available to give all kinds of advice about growing herbs and will support you with all the information you need

Please contact our local subsidiary or distributor for more information about our varieties for your region.

Our Herbs types





Chinese Chive