Moving with the speed of biotech


Moving with the speed of biotech

The power of DNA

In the 1990’s...

With the rise of biotechnology, the breeding sector saw new opportunities to speed up the breeding process – by several years! – and to improve the seed quality and production. So more than ever, significant investments were needed for innovation in vegetable breeding. On our own, we were too small to make the significant investments that this fundamental research required. Enza Zaden had the idea of combining forces with the other small family-owned seed companies to share the costs of pre-competitive research and allow each company to work with the results to create new breeding products. And so, in 1989, KeyGene was born: a unique collaboration between Dutch seed companies that is active across several continents.

Collaboration is key

So, Enza Zaden co-founded KeyGene, now one of the world's biggest biotechnology companies. Through KeyGene, we could, for example, conduct DNA analysis, simplifying the selection of varieties with the right traits. In the 90s, we were able to build our laboratory and do this kind of research within our company. Nowadays, we combine our breeders' expertise, experience, and creativity with modern, highly advanced techniques, saving a lot of time in the entire breeding process.