Enza Zaden is ON at Asia Fruit Congress!

20 September 2021 News

Enza Zaden is ON at Asia Fruit Congress!

Sponsor of Asia Fruit Congress ON

This year, we became one of the annual Asia Fruit Congress sponsors, and we cannot wait to reunite with you again, this year online, at the end of September. Every year, the congress brings many networking opportunities, gathering a high-quality line-up of respected industry professionals ready to share their knowledge and experience. So, let's not wait and start the Asia Fruit Logistica 2022 countdown now!

My heart beats pumpkin

Our unique joint pumpkin and squash breeding programme is highly regarded worldwide. For the past few years, our experienced international team of eminent breeders, biotechnologists and post-harvest specialists has been developing the programme at various locations in Asia, Europe, Oceania and South Africa. 

Join our session to learn what the future holds in Asia's pumpkin market. The online pumpkin session will take place on29thSeptember. See the whole program at https://www.asiafruitcongress.com/agenda.

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For any other questions, you are more than welcome to ask one of our colleagues worldwide.