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Requests for internships

Enthusiastic to join us, but no suitable internship?

Send us a covering letter and your CV using the open application for internship form

After we have received your request, we will see if we can offer you a placement that matches your study programme and interests. This may take some time, but we aim to provide you with more information within three weeks.

Selection process 

Each year we are inundated with requests for internships but we are unfortunately unable to offer everyone a placement. In the selection process we see whether your abilities are suitable for our organisation and if we can offer you an appropriate internship and support from a mentor or supervisor.

Three tips for a good internship request:

  1. Be clear. In your covering letter, state your motivation for choosing the particular field for your internship and the criteria it must comply with. Also state the period of time available for your internship. The clearer the information in your request, the more chance you have of being assigned an interesting project.
  2. Tell us something about yourself. What are your interests and abilities? What particular aspects of your study do find fascinating? 
  3. Show us why your profile reflects Enza Zaden.

Get to know Enza Zaden 

Read 'This is Enza Zaden' for a good impression of our company and areas of expertise. Or find out what compentences all our employees share.