Driving innovation in plant resilience for a sustainable future

11 July 2023 News

Driving innovation in plant resilience for a sustainable future


Proud CropXR partner

At Enza Zaden, we are proud to be part of CropXR, a long-term research program that is paving the way for a more sustainable future. CropXR is an ambitious initiative that seeks to drive innovation in plant resilience research and excellence, to create sustainable agriculture for our future.

Resilient crop varieties

Plants in natural ecosystems have evolved to be resilient, but crops have lost this trait due to a focus on yield, quality, and monogenic disease resistance. With changing climate, decreasing fertilizer levels, reducing chemical crop protection, and increasing disease pressures, it is more important than ever to develop resilient crop varieties. CropXR is investing in strengthening pre-competitive next- generation research on plant resilience in a public-private setting, to close this gap.

Key collaboration

At Enza Zaden, we are committed to breeding to feed the world through innovative solutions like CropXR. We are excited about the potential of this collaboration between industry leaders, plant scientists at research universities, and breeders to breed resilient crop varieties that can withstand unfavorable environmental conditions or plant diseases while maintaining high productivity. We look forward to continuing our work with CropXR as we strive towards a more resilient future for our planet.

More information from CropXR is available on the new institute’s website: www.cropxr.org