Martien Penning appointed new member Enza Zaden Supervisory Board

9 May 2023 News

New member Enza Zaden Supervisory Board

Martien Penning new member Enza Zaden Supervisory Board

Martien Penning appointed

The Supervisory Board of Enza Zaden is pleased to inform you about the appointment of Martien Penning as new member, effective immediately. Penning succeeds Piet Mazereeuw who stepped down as a member in May 2022.

Martien Penning has extensive sector experience and a broad network in the Agri business as a founding partner of Hillenraad and will be a good addition to the knowledge, experience and competences present in the Supervisory Board. He will be member of the Innovation Committee and Human Capital Committee.

Photocredit: Pieter Prins Fotografie

Penning: “I am very pleased to be appointed as Supervisory Board member and to guide Enza Zaden in their professional journey. Enza Zaden is a sound and robust family company and to contribute to their ambition to play a role in the global horticultural ecosystem is a great challenge.”

Next to Gerard De Reuver and Martien Penning, the Supervisory Board includes Carla Hilhorst, whose appointment as member of the Supervisory Board and chairman of the Innovation Committee was extended for another term of four years.

In accordance with the formal terms of office scheme, Maria Molenaar stepped down as member after two full terms of four years each.

De Reuver: “I’d like to thank Maria for her contributions in the last 8 years. She has been a professional member of the Supervisory Board and her leadership and content knowledge have been very supportive for the journey of the Finance Department and professionalization of the Audit Committee.” The process for Molenaar's succession is in progress.

Members of the Enza Zaden Supervisory Board:

  • Gerard de Reuver, Chairman SB, member Audit Committee, Chairman Human Capital Committee
  • Carla Hilhorst, member SB, Chairman Innovation Committee
  • Martien Penning, member SB, member Innovation Committee, member Human Capital Committee
  • Vacancy, member SB, Chairman Audit Committee

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