Minister Adema visits Enza Zaden and meets vegetable breeding sector

13 March 2023 News

Visit LNV Minister Adema

Minister Adema speaks to lettuce breeder Peter Conijn - detail

Acquaintance vegetable breeding sector

Enkhuizen, the Netherlands, 13 March 2023 - Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), Piet Adema, visited - at the invitation of PlantNet International - the vegetable breeding company Enza Zaden today. The purpose of the visit was to inform the Minister about the vegetable breeding process and the leading role Dutch trading companies in the plant sector and greenhouse technology play internationally.

F.l.t.r.: Peter Conijn, senior breeder ay Enza Zaden, Piet Adema, Minister of LNV, Jaap Mazereeuw, CEO at Enza Zaden, Patricia de Vries - van Loon, chief phytosanitary officer at Ministry LNV.

During a round-table discussion and a tour, representatives of Enza Zaden and PlantNet International spoke with the Minister about the cooperation between the ministry and agricultural trade organisations, which should contribute to strengthening global competitiveness. They also discussed new breeding techniques, efforts in making the vegetable sector more sustainable, seed processing activities and innovation in technology.

Piet Adema, Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality: 'I am impressed by what I have seen and heard today about the plant sector leading the way internationally. With the knowledge and innovations they possess, the Netherlands can play an important role in the global challenges of climate and food security. As Minister, I support this important sector to further strengthen its global trading position'

Jaap Mazereeuw, Chief Executive Officer at Enza Zaden: "We are proud to have welcomed Minister Adema together with PlantNet International to Enza Zaden. The minister showed great interest in the vegetable breeding sector and how we realise our ambition to grant people around the world access to healthy and varied vegetables."

Henk Westerhof, chairman PlantNet International: "It was the first introduction to the minister of LNV for us as representatives of agricultural trading companies and greenhouse technology. It gave us the opportunity to explain our economic and social added value and ask for the minister's support on maintaining and strengthening our international trade position."

F.l.t.r.: Henk Westerhof, Chairman at PlantNet International, Jaap Mazereeuw, CEO at Enza Zaden, Piet Adema, Minister of LNV, Joost Verbeek, program manager technology at Enza Zaden.

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