Voedselbank West-Friesland receives donation og 6,000 euros

15 February 2024 News

Voedselbank donation

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Voedselbank West-Friesland receives donation of 6,000 euros

Enza Zaden closed 2023 with the annual Christmas market for colleagues. Besides a diverse range of food, drinks, bodycare and games, employees had the opportunity to donate their coins to Voedselbank West-Friesland (Food Bank region West-Friesland).' This raised a total amount of €2922.50. This donation was doubled by Enza Zaden and rounded up to a final amount of €6000.

Board members Han Neef and Gerard van Gorkum accepted the check on behalf of Voedselbank West-Friesland. "This is truly an overwhelming amount!" respond Han and Gerard. "We can use this so well. Currently, 90 families in the region depend on our help. This amount is huge for us."

Anton, Han, Ilona, Gerard

New bus

They also already have an idea of what they want to spend the money on. "We desperately need a new bus, with which we can collect and distribute food. Especially since our clients are spread out geographically. This donation certainly helps us a step in the right direction.”

What does the Voedselbank West-Friesland do?

The Voedselbank West-Friesland helps reduce poverty and provides temporary food assistance to people living in poverty. The weekly food package that clients receive can be seen as acute emergency assistance, for those unable to provide a daily meal. The food bank receive no subsidy from the government, but relies entirely on gifts and donations.