Enza Zaden in ... Russia


Enza Zaden in ... Russia

Enza Zaden Russia


Enza Zaden has a sales office in Moscow, known as Enza Semena. Field-grown and greenhouse-grown vegetables are hugely important in Russia. The main crops are tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and sweet peppers. We are also highly active in beef tomatoes and gherkins for production in plastic tunnels. As well as blocky and conical peppers for outdoor cultivation, we also develop beef tomatoes and midi-cucumbers/gherkins for the heated greenhouse segment.

Production region

The major production region for tunnels, and a number of field-grown crops, is the south of Russia. Everywhere in Russia, heated greenhouses can be found in the vicinity of large cities. These greenhouses were built during the Soviet era and are currently being modernised. In addition, the government plans to considerably expand the growing area under glass in Russia before 2024.


Enza Semena has a network of official, regional distributors in various parts of the country. Our local teams and technical managers work closely with them by involving them in organising trials, field days, seminars, visits to growers, advertising etc.

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