Enza Zaden in ... Spain


Enza Zaden in ... Spain

Enza Zaden Spain

Almería and Murcia

We have been involved in the breeding and sale of vegetables in Spain since 1987. We have three subsidiairies in Spain: a sales office and two breeding stations. We target the Spanish, Portuguese and Moroccan markets from our sales office in Almería. In the winter months, the focus also covers North Europe.


Our breeding activities play an important role in our Spanish team. We have two research stations: ‘La Manciega’ in Almería and ‘El Albujón’ in Murcia. Almería is home to the largest concentration of winter-grown and greenhouse and tunnel cultivation in Spain. Our breeders there focus on tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers. In Murcia we breed field-grown crops: principally lettuce, endives and melons.

Creative concepts

Close collaboration with the chain has resulted in the successful launch of various concepts onto the market by Enza Zaden Spain. One example is TomAzur®, the brand for tomatoes with an excellent flavour. Another example is Tribelli® a brand that offers various types of sweet peppers, ranging in size from mini to XL. Both brands have penetrated new markets and they are both positioned on the market in a distinctive, original way. Gaining market value is one of the most difficult, but equally most vital, objectives to achieve. And that is precisely what lies at foundation of the success of both Tribelli® and TomAzur®.

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